Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Annie Awards

I attended the 39th Annual Annie Awards last night at UCLA in Royce Hall.  The Annies is the big awards ceremony for those who work in animation--- think of it as the Oscars® of Animation.  My attending the awards show had nothing to do with me being nominated or anything - the preschool series that my wife developed and creatively oversees was nominated (Jake and the Never Land Pirates). And it won!

Like most award shows the Annies is a black tie affair.  And like all award shows the Annies tends to go on far too long and it can be a chore to sit through for the duration, listening to the long drawn-out thank yous from the winners -- no hate for the winners from me though, they all deserve their moment to thank everyone, but after 3 plus hours, the gushing all starts to sound the same.  But not last night... last night's Annies was different.  I've attended previous Annie awards and last night's was by far the most entertaining, thanks to two factors:

1) The show was a train wreck of awkward moments, missed cues, total confusion on stage from the presenters and even envelopes opened for the wrong category and mistakenly read, spoiling the surprise and deflating the winner's (and losers') big moment(s).
2) Patton Oswald.

These two things combined to create a wealth of impromptu hilarity. Patton was glorious in the midst of all the black-tie chaos.  His non-stop quips and growing "frustration" with hosting a ceremony where nothing was going right could not have been better.  One of my favorite of his lines of the night, when having to introduce a presenter about whom he had been given no prior information on, he fabricated a list of the man's accomplishments, ending with, "You... um.... killed Ruth Gordon in a knife fight?"


Here's a video clip of Patton taking over when the presenters accidentally open and read the wrong award.

"I love how you threw the hottie under the bus.  
That was real Indiana Jones."

I can't wait for next year's Annies.  I hope they ask Patton back and I pray that everything goes wrong again... horribly, horribly wrong.

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