Mickey and the Roadster Racers - story editor / staff writer (2015 - present)
(Disney Junior)
     Sittin' Kitty ("Happy Helpers" pilot script)
     Tea Time Troubles
     Artful Helpers

Miles From Tomorrowland - staff writer  (2015)
(Disney Junior)
     S.T.A.N.L.E.Y.  (story by)

Jake and the Never Land Pirates - staff writer  (2011 - present)
(Disney Junior)
     The Forbidden City
     Night of the Stonewolf
     Monkey Tiki Trouble
     Captain Quixote
     The Golden Dragon
     Mystery of the Mighty Colossus
     Dread, the Evil Genie
     The Monkey Pirate King
     Jake's Awesome Surprise
     Bones' Buddybops  (story by)
     Captain Scrooge
     Jake the Wolf     
     Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn
     Hideout... it's Hook!
     Captain Gizmo  (story by)
     Hook's Treasure Nap  (story by)
     Cubby's Tall Tale  (story by)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Season 5 - staff writer  (2011)
(Disney Junior)
     Minnie's Winter Wonderland
     Mickey's Pirate Adventure
     Mickey's Super Adventure 

The Penguins of Madagascar - writer
     Moving Out (2011)
     Maurice at Peace (2011)
     Invention Intervention (2010)

Disney's Tinker Bell - The Secret of the Wings - contributing writer  (2010)
(Disney Toon Studios)

Disney Toon Studios - Pixie Previews - staff writer (2010)
(Disney Toon Studios)
     Scrubbed the Wrong Way
     Dust Up
     Banner Day
     Eye on the Fly

Action Dad - writer (2010)
(Toon Zone)
     Getting Schooled

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Season 1 - writer (2010)
(Disney Junior)
     Elephant Surprise!
     It's a Pirate Picnic!

Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie - writer (2010)
(SD Entertainment, American Greetings)

Care Bears: Care Bear Shines video - writer (2010)
(SD Entertainment, American Greetings)

Bolts & Blip - writer (2009)
(ToonBox Entertainment, Red Rover Co. Ltd.)
     Blood Rising

Geronimo Stilton - story editor / staff writer (2007 - 2008)

Care Bears Animated Series - story editor / staff writer (2007)
(SD Entertainment, American Greetings)

Care Bears: Oopsy Does It (movie) - writer  (2007)
(SD Entertainment, American Greetings)

Kim Possible Season 4 - story editor / staff writer (2005 - 2006)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Graduation Parts 1 & 2

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera - writer series bible & pilot (2005)

Get Ed - executive producer / staff writer (2004 - 2005)
(Disney Television Animation, Disney Jetix)
     Bio Trapped

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - writer (2004)
(Disney Television Animation, Disney Jetix)
    World of Giants

Kim Possible Season 3 - story editor / staff writer (2003-2004)
(Disney Television Animation)

Dave the Barbarian - writer  (2003)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Bad Food

Kim Possible Season 2 - staff writer  (2003)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Mother's Day
     Sick Day
     The Full Monkey

Baby Looney Tunes - writer  (2002)
(Warner Brothers Animation)
     Snow Day

Atlantis: Milo's Return (video) - co-writer  (2002)
(Disney Television Animation)

Teamo Supremo - writer  (2002)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Appointment with the Dentist

Lilo & Stitch Animated Series - story editor / staff writer  (2001 - 2003)
(Disney Television Animation)

Mickey's House of Villains (video) - writer  (2001)
(Disney Television Animation)

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At The House of Mouse (video) - writer (2001)
(Disney Television Animation)

Disney's Team Atlantis - story editor / staff writer (1999 - 2001)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Coyote Wind

Sitting Ducks - writer (2000)
(The Krislin Company, Creative Capers Entertainment)
     Labor Pains
     Ducks for Hire
     All in a Day's Work 

Disney's House of Mouse - story editor / staff writer  (1999 - 2000)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Goofy for a Day
     House of Magic
     Super Goof
     Big Bad Wolf Daddy
     House of Scrooge
     Gone Goofy

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (video) - contributing writer  (1999)
(Disney Toon Studios)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - story editor / staff writer  (1998)
(Disney Television Animation)

Mickey's Mouseworks - story editor / staff writer  (1997 - 1998)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Mickey's New Car
     Mickey to the Rescue: Staircase
     How To Haunt A House
     Mickey's Mechanical House
     Maestro Minnie: Flight Of The Bumble Bee
     Maestro Minnie: Hungarian Rhapsody #5
     Maestro Minnie: William Tell Overture
     Maestro Minnie: Brahms Lullabye
     Mickey's Christmas Crisis
     Pluto's Arrow Error
     Up A Tree
     Rock Climbing
     How To Ride A Bike
     Mickey's Nutcracker
     Dance Of The Goofys
     Hansel And Gretel
     How To Ride A Bicycle
     Mickey Foils The Phantom Blot
     Mickey To The Rescue: Staircase
     Mickey To The Rescue: Train Tracks
     Mickey To The Rescue: Cage And Cannons
     Pluto Gets The Paper: Spaceship
     Pluto Gets The Paper: Bubblegum
     Pluto Gets The Paper: Street Cleaner
     Sandwich Makers
     Turkey Catchers
     Donald And The Big Nut
     Donald On Ice
     Donald's Dinner Date
     Donald's Dynamite: Bowling Alley
     Donald's Dynamite: Fishing
     Donald's Dynamite: Opera Box
     Donald's Failed Fourth
     Donald's Rocket Ruckus
     Donald's Shell Shots
     Goofy's Extreme Sports: Paracycling
     Goofy's Extreme Sports: Rock Climbing
     Goofy's Extreme Sports: Skating The H
     Goofy's Extreme Sports: Wakeboarding
     How To Be A Spy
     How To Be A Waiter
     Lawn Mower
     Mickey Tries To Cook
     Mickey's Airplane Kit
     Mickey's Mistake
     Mickey's Piano Lesson
     Mickey's Remedy
     Organ Donors
     Pluto's Kittens
     Purple Pluto
     Von Drake's House Of Genius: Remote Control
     Von Drake's House Of Genius: Tele-ding
     Von Drake's House Of Genius: Time Reverser
Casper: A Spirited Beginning (live action feature) - co-writer  (1997)
(Saban Entertainment, Harvey Comics, 20th Century Fox)

101 Dalmatians Animated Series - staff writer (1997)
(Disney Television Animation)
     Cupid Pups

The Mask Animated Series - writer  (1996)
(Sunbow Entertainment, Dark Horse Entertainment)
     Little Big Mask
     Mr. Mask Goes to Washington
     The Green Marine  

Project G.e.e.K.e.R. - writer  (1996)
(Adelaide Productions, Columbia TriStar, Sony Pictures Television)

Casper Animated Series - writer  (1995 - 1996)
(Universal Cartoon Studios)
     Leave it to Casper
     Legend of the UGFOs
     Something to Stink About
     Grim and Bear It
     Intensive Scare

Earthworm Jim - writer  (1995 - 1996)
(Universal Cartoon Studios)
     Lounge Day's Journey into Night
     Assault and Battery

Disney's Aladdin - writer  (1995)
(Disney Television Animation)
     The Hunted

Littlest Pet Shop - writer  (1994)
(Sunbow Entertainment)

The New Pink Panther - story editor / staff writer  (1993 -1994)
(MGM Animation)
     Big Top Pinky
     Built For Speed
     Calling Dr. Panther
     Cowboy Pinky
     Department Store Pink-erton
     Digging For Dollars
     Dino Sore-Head
     Downhill Panther
     Driving Mr. Pink
     Eric The Pink
     Feast Or Famine
     For Those Who Pink Young
     From Hair To Eternity
     Hamm n Eggz
     Happy Trails Pinky
     Hard Day's Pink
     Home Stretch Pinky
     Ice Blue Pink
     Icy Pink
     I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas
     It's A Bird!  It's A Pain!  It's Superfan!
     Junkyard Pink Blues
     Lifestyles Of The Pink And Famous
     Lights!  Camera!  Voodoo!
     Long John Pinky
     Moby Pink
     Muff The Magic Dragon
     Mummy Dearest
     Oh, Varkula
     Pilgrim Panther
     Pink Big
     Pink Encounters
     Pink In The Middle
     Pink In The Poke
     Pink Kong
     Pink Pizza
     Pink Pucks
     Pink Thumb
     Pink Trek
     14 Karat Pink
     7 Manly Men
     A Camp-pink We Will Go
     A Royal Pain
     All For Pink And Pink For All
     Ant And The Ardvark
     Beach Blanket Pinky
     Pink's Ark
     The Reluctant Ninja
     Pinkazuma's Revenge
     Pinky And Slusho
     Pinky And The Golden Fleece
     Pinky Appleseed
     Pinky Down Under
     Pinky In Paradise
     Pinky In Toyland
     Pinky's Pending Pink Slip
     Power Of Pink
     Pretty And Pink
     Rain Or Snow Or Pink Of Night
     Rock Me Pink
     Royal Canadian Mounted Panther
     Service With A Pink Smile
     Stealth Panther
     Stool Parrot
     That Old Pink Magic
     The Easter Panther
     The Ghost And Mr. Panther
     The Heart Of Pinkness
     The Inspector's Club
     The Inspector's Most Wanted
     The Magnificent Pink One
     The Pink Painter
     The Pink Stuff
     The Pinky 500
     Valentine Pink
     Voodoo Man Reigns
     Wet And Wild Pinky
     Weiner Takes All
     You Only Pink Twice
Live on Tape - creator, producer, writer, performer (1987 - 1990)
(KLJB-TV, FOX18 Davenport Communications, Ltd.)
     Low budget, sketch comedy show produced and aired in the Midwest.
     56 Half Hour Episodes